Sunday, 8 April 2012

April Fools 2012 - A Lesson Plan

High Purity
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This year April 1st was on a Sunday, which is unfortunate. However, while it was impossible to make a lesson plan for that day, it seems quite OK to make one a week after the day.

April Fools online has provided a wealth of resources that can be exploited at leisure, mostly thanks to the Google guys and their geeky sense of humour. Other geeks have joined in the fun as well. Some of the videos sound more like prophecies than like jokes. Take, for example, the self-driving car and Chrome's "multitasking" function. My favourite remains last year's Google Motion, but this year it has been joined by the equally hilarious Google Really Advanced Search. And I want that fiber bar.

If you don't quite know what I am talking about, here's my collection of this year's online April Fools jokes:

April Fools

As you can see, I have used Storify to create this lesson and the questions for the students are inside. I learnt how to use Storify in Nik Peachey's "Adapting Your Coursebook With Technology" workshop on Seeta.

Storify is a really handy tool. You can search for different media while inside it and it is easy to drag and drop items into your story. That way you can create your own collection of readings and listenings for the students, or they can create their own stories collaboratively. Here's Storify's help page with a collection of screencasts.

Next year, I will be on the lookout for Google April Fools jokes and I might even do a scavenger hunt with my students and ask them to search for online pranks.

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