Friday, 3 May 2019

Miss Homophone

I created the image above during the April 2019 NaPoWriMo/ GloPoWriMo challenge. If you are unfamiliar with GloPoWriMo, the purpose of the challenge is to write a poem a day and the participants are provided with a new (optional) prompt every day. This is the seventh GloPoWriMo I have completed. If you would like to read my poetry, it is in my other blog.

I wrote Miss Homophone on Day 14, when the prompt was to use homophones/homographs/homonyms. It is a silly little poem, but I wrote it with my students in mind. Then I decided to share it with other teachers, which is why I have created this handy shareable image and equipped it with a Creative Commons licence.

There are several ways this poem can be used:

1. to teach the students the concept of homophones (which is why I have given the lady this very unusual surname)

2. to teach them some of the more common homophones

3. as a dictation (OK, this could be a little cruel, I admit)

These are just a few ideas. I am sure you can think of more ways to use this poem with your students.



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