Thursday, 28 May 2009

You know the end of the school year is near when

Relaxing on the beach

- You haven't blogged for three weeks (because your blog is about teaching and you are so tired of teaching that you have nothing to say).
- You are thinking about starting a travel blog instead.
- You sigh loudly in front of your students at the beginning of the class. Realising what you have done, you say the heat is killing you.
- You have started counting the hours you have to spend teaching until the holiday begins (105).
- You are thinking about the beginning of the next school year with horror.
- All your lesson plans somehow revolve around the topic of summer holidays.
- You are thinking about starting a fashion blog.
- You finally write a very, very short post, just to get it over with. Then you hope your readers will add more ideas to your very, very short post.

So, how do you know the end of the school year is near?

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Arjana said...

This is so true! I couldn't agree more. Excellent blog:-)

Maru del Campo said...

Dear Sis:

How do I know? Because you tell me! LOL
You're doing a superb job here, you're clever and ingenious. I love you!!! You're a shining star!

I'm preparing a surprise for you...
As a present for you interview at Why They Teach
I'll give it to you in our next Skype conversation. :-)

I'm very proud to be your friend!

Natasa said...

Hi Arjana, welcome to my blog. Glad you like it.Your blog is great, you have been to so many places. And you are in Ireland right now? I am green with envy.
Maru, you are a star yourself. I can't wait, I love surprises.

飯糰夾蛋Karen said...
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