Friday, 17 February 2012

Ladies and Gentlemen, My New Podcasting Blog

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It has been a week since EVO sessions have finished and I haven't had time to post. I haven't finished all my Classdigitools assignments and I am really planning to. Once I finish all Week 5 projects, I will post about them here.

I have, however, completed all my Podcasting tasks and I proudly give you Natasa's Podcasting Blog. The blog, exactly as it is, is the final product of the workshop, an eportfolio. This doesn't go to say that it will always remain as it is now. I am planning to add more pages once I start working on my future podcasting projects, but at this stage, everything you see there has been created during the workshop.

Here is a preview:

The blog contains three pages - About Me, My Podcasts and My Podcast Projects. I will share some highlights here:

Here is something about me, but I mostly talk about my school:

My interview with Janet Bianchini:

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My Mystery Person:

My Mystery Person (mp3)

My future podcasting plans:

Finally, my "Animotocast":

It is not difficult to create an "Animotocast". You just create an Animoto clip the usual way and, instead of choosing their audio, you upload your own. The trick is to have enough photos ready to last you until the end of your audio. Otherwise, your podcast will be cut short. It goes both ways, so be prepared to sacrifice some of your photos if the audio is short.

You can create the audio for your Animoto using any of the podcasting tools, but I am hooked on Audacity. If you think Audacity is scary or too difficult to use, I advise you to attend the next Podcasting EVO session. You won't regret it. I feel that

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Janet Bianchini said...

Hi Natasa

You've done a brilliant job of summarising the wonderful podcasting course we have both attended!! Many congratulations :-)

I haven't finished my full EVO Podcasting 2012 feedback yet, but I hope to publish it later this evening.

Thank you so much for allowing me to interview you for my podcast interview. That was so much fun and I was thrilled to be interviewed by you!!

All the best


Natasa said...

Hi Janet

Thank you for this and for your comment on Twitter. It was a great workshop, I hope I was able to convey a part of the atmosphere in this post.

I am grateful to you for interviewing me too. It was a great experience. In fact, your interview was what gave me the idea for the Animoto Podcast.



Miguel Mendoza said...

Hi Natasa,

Super great summary for this session. Thanks! and what a terrific job you did with your blog!


Natasa said...

Thank you Miguel. I wouldn't have been able to get this far without you and your co-moderators. You made us work very hard, but we had so much fun too. And the results are visible to everyone.



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