Tuesday, 19 February 2008

Second Life

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All right, so I went to Second Life, so what? Doesn't everyone go there sooner or later?

There is an inner child dormant in each and every one of us, right? And this child likes to play, which is why so many people are fascinated by SL.

My inner child woke up on Saturday and the experience made me think. It made me think back to my real, First Life childhood.

I was clumsy. I was one of those girls you didn't want to have in your basketball team. It took me ages to learn how to ride a bike. And even then I kept falling.

I am clumsy in SL. I am learning how to walk all over again. Scary, but fascinating. A bit like learning a new language, isn't it?

One thing I love is flying. It is the superpower I would really like to have. And I love teleporting myself to different locations. The only problem is that I often can't find my way back. That's what I am like in my First Life. I get lost easily.

It is frightening, but I keep coming back. Maybe because it makes me face my inner fears and insecurities.

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Nina Lyulkun said...

Hi Natasa!

I am amazed with the description of your impressions about SL. Unfortunately, while my first attempt to subscribe and move around it, I didn't have fast and settled Internet on my pc. I gave it up because of my fear of that strange situation I dropped in. I really don't like all those kid's hobbies that get them used to computer games.
Now, it seems my views are going to be changed and I feel that have to give a try again. ;-)

Thanks a lot for sharing this your new blog with us. I wish a great success and hope to learn from you a lot.

I am happy to be your cyber-friend.

Nina Lyulkun

Natasa said...

Likewise Nina.

As far as Second life goes, it frightens me too. All those strange places and all those strange people. I feel like walking the streets of a strange city alone.

But I'd like to try teaching there. Then I could tell my friends that I have taught inside a video-game!




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