Thursday, 7 February 2008

Everybody's dog

It is a rainy day here on the mountain of Zlatibor. Nothing much to do. So I decided to spend some time in an Internet cafe.
I was followed here by Cuddly (Mazuljko in Serbian). He has sort of adopted my family. He follows us everywhere, sleeps in front of our door and loudly protects us if anybody (including our landlords) passes by. No, he is not hungry. Cuddly is, you see, everybody's dog.
I don't know how he manages. He knows everyone and everyone has a different name for him. Everyone feeds him and everyone gets the honour of his company and his loud protection. No one owns him. Cuddly is a free spirit.
He is not much to look at. He is small, full of fleas and he could definitely do with a bath. But he is a real friend, as long as you don't take him for granted. He could be here today and in front of someone else's door tomorow. In fact, as I was coming here, he left me to follow a little girl.
Maybe tomorrow morning I will find him in front of my door again. Maybe not.

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