Sunday, 22 January 2012

My 2012 Birthday Special

Photo on Flickr by Jon Large

It is my birthday today. Another reason to celebrate is that on this day four years ago I started this blog.

Normally I would share my last year's posts here (see what I did a year ago on this day). Luckily, I already reflected on my last year's posts in My 11 from '11. I say "luckily" because my Webskills course is keeping me very busy and I am somehow managing to follow what's going on in Podcasting and Classdigitools. So, I am afraid that this is going to be a very short birthday post.

What I have finally decided to do here is to share a single post for every year of this blog's existence. There is a catch, though - the four posts I have chosen are the ones that mean something to me personally. Well, it is my birthday, isn't it? So, they might not be particularly useful to you, but those are the posts that are important to me for various reasons. Ready?

Year 1: I was still searching for my voice here. I wasn't quite sure why I had started this blog or what I was going to use it for. So, the topics during the first year vary. I had difficulty choosing something that would look presentable four years later. I chose the post that describes my first EVO sessions. It is called How to Become a Webhead. It is naive at times, as I had no idea what I was getting myself into and how addicted I was going to become.

Year 2: The blog has now found its purpose. This is now a TEFL teacher's blog. The post I chose is called Park Wisdom. It was written during the summer break and it is mostly humorous, but in the second half I reflect on my teaching and letting go of control in the classroom and learner autonomy and... Well, just read it.

Year 3: I had no doubt here. The post I chose is called I Have to Be Who I Am. It could easily be my favourite post ever written by Yours Truly. When I forget who I am, I go back and read it.

Year 4: I wrote What is Your Computer Metaphor for my Multiliteracies class last year. I ranted a little, reflecting on the life on the other side of the digital divide and the general state of digital literacy in my country.

And that's it. I am happy to be here with you four years later. My dear PLN, thank you for listening to me and for sharing with me.

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