Wednesday, 30 January 2008

Blogging is scary

I click on the Post button. A blank page opens. I sit in front of it and a feeling of panic overwhelms me. So, I open the folder containing my poetry (yes, I am afraid I write poetry) , I choose one of my poems and I copy-paste it onto the empty page. Mission accomplished. I have posted something, plus I have "published" a poem.
Blogging is scary because it makes me reveal things about myself.
Blogging is scary because I never know what I will write about. And I end up writing about something completely different from what I intended to say.


Unknown said...

Dear Natasa,

I feel the same way, and that's exactly of fascinates me and I truly believe in the huge potential of blogging to the classroom. It's revealing, stimulating, surprising, daring, personal.

It tells much more about ourselves than we would have expected. It's my moment, my self-reflective moment, a flash of my own thoughts. Blog is fearfully addictive!

I just loved your post! Thanks for inspiring me to leave you comment!

dvmunca said...

Natasha, if you look at the definition of "blog", you will see "online journal", so yes, it is meant to reveal your thoughts, fears, hopes, etc. Isn't it great that you can share them with other people sharing the same panic and fear when technology is not working the way we expect sometimes? Good luck with your blog and I still want to see that poem!!

Natasa said...

Dear dvmunca,

It is the thing I posted before this one. It is called Instructions for an Apprentice Painter. It is an old poem of mine, maybe not quite suitable in this situation.



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