Wednesday, 30 January 2008

Thank you, Carla

Carla, I believe you saved my blog from an untimely death. I was lost and disoriented, I was going to give up.
When we blog, it is like shouting out to the world: Here I am, listen to me. We want to leave a mark, any mark. We want to share our thoughts with others. There are thousands of people on the Internet right now. Blogging means that you never need to be alone again.
When I was a little girl, I had this dream. I wanted to be a writer. I am a blogger now. So you should never give up on you childhood dreams.
To publish a book, you need to be really talented. Then you need to find a publisher who is willing to read what you have written. The publisher then needs to decide whether you are talented enough for your book to get published. Once your book is published, it needs to sell, which means that the audience has to like it enough to spend money on it.
Blogging is as simple as pressing the Post button. Everybody can blog. Maybe it is good, maybe it is bad. But it is addictive.
I don't know how this is going to help my students. After all, I started an educational blog. It doesn't really look like an educational blog right now.
I think I'll just keep blogging and see what happens.


joseantonio said...

Hello Natasa,
What a great way to start blogging. Your post says so much about the way we feel about what we create. It rally fascinating to see how liberating and evolutionary blogs are for what they do to people, the power they give us. They are a dream come tru in so many ways.
Thanks for sharing such deep reflections with us.
Jose Antônio

Mary H said...

Hi Natasa,
The title of your post was "Thank you, Carla"; Carla will be honored to know that she was the one to give you your wings, your voice in the blogosphere. Isn't it wonderful that we can all have a space to share our thoughts, reflections, and writing with the world? I'll never forget the person who showed me the way to having a voice online--Gladys, one of the co-moderators of Blogging4Educators! I hope that you will continue blogging and find it a good creative outlet.


Unknown said...

Dear Natasa,

I don't know if your post was directed to me or to Carla Raguseo, but we are a team, and both of us are thrilled to know that you've been giving voice to your inner self through blogging! You're right. Blogging is never lonely, for you are in contact with others and with yourself. You reveal your inner voice in unpredictable ways. Once you start writing, it's hard to stop. Every little detail of your life can be a topic for inspiring and inspired blog posts, so keep going! You're a born blogger! Let blogging take you to unrevealed places, unexplored topics...

Thanks for sharing with us.

Carla Arena

Natasa said...

Dear Carla Arena,

It was directed to you, but I am grateful to the whole team, of course. I have met so many great people in these seminars and everybody is willing to help. I said 'Thank you, Carla' because of your lovely words of encouragement. In fact, you did it again in this comment by saying that I am a born blogger. You are a warm person and a great teacher. Thank you.



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