Tuesday, 22 January 2008

My online seminars

I am currently attending two online seminars - blogging for educators and becoming a webhead. I am a total beginner in both groups. The whole experience is a little scary, but I feel I really belong here. The amount of information is overwhelming and if you are, like myself, one of those people who can't focus and get easily sidetracked, you will end up in front of your computer at three o'clock in the morning.
I love every moment of it, though. In all those years of silently surfing the Internet, I never for once felt like contributing to it myself. Although I am still scared by this whole blogging affair, now that I have made it so far, I am here to stay. This is my birthday resolution.

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Carla Raguseo said...

Dear Natasa,

I also took Becoming a Webhead the first time I joined EVO in 2006 and I felt the same excitement and sense of adventure.

Once you have experimented the joy of engaging in meaningful conversations and collaborating with others online, you just can't go back to your silent, one-way surfing.

And here I am, writing this comment at 3 a.m. in the morning. ;)

I'm glad to know we are on this journey together.

Warm regards from Argentina,
Carla R.

Mary H said...

Hi Natasa,
Like Carla R, I first joined EVO in 2006 and thoroughly enjoyed Becoming a Webhead that year. At the time, I was just beginning to learn about online tools, and I had no idea that I would develop some wonderful connections with educators from all over the globe! Hope you'll enjoy blogging; we're looking forward to your posts!

Consuelo said...

Dear Natasa

A very nice introduction. Don´t worry you are not the only one feeling like that. For me it is also a very new experience.I hope Carla´s thoughts come true.

Consuelo, a Colombian teacher now in England.

Berta said...

Hi Natasa, we all belong to the same family ... I was a member of BaW in 2005 and participated in Collaborative Blogging the same year; after that I have signed up for BaW and the blogging sessions every year since then and in other workshops as well. Learning never stops and each time there is something new, wonderful people to meet, someone to help and somebody that helps us. This is a great community of practic, a great learning group.
You are definitely in the right place.

Warm regards from sunny Caracas,


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