Thursday, 22 January 2009

My blog is one year old

I have not neglected my Blogging Challenge . I am still stuck on Day 3 . I will return to the challenge soon, I promise. So, instead of doing day 4 and interlinking my old posts, I will do something similar.
My blog is exactly one year old today and I am exactly... never mind that.
I would like to be able to say that I have gone very far and accomplished amazing things. That wouldn't be exactly true. I am still a beginner blogger and still not sure about the direction I should take.
One thing I know - I have had a lot of fun this past year. The posts I have enjoyed most, however, are the ones that don't link anywhere. You know, the personal stuff, the stuff that means a lot to me. I think that some of it wasn't badly written, either. So, those are the posts I would like to tell you about.
In January 2008 I found blogging very, very scary. It made me reveal all sorts of things about myself.
My own personal favourite is Everybody's Dog. I was sitting in an Internet cafe at the time and I was inspired to write this post about this dog... It isn't very useful or informative - but writing it made me feel good.
My second favourite post is My Global Neighbourhood.
In mid-February I was trying to decide what this blog was going to be about.
On 19th February, I wrote about going to Second Life for the first time. In June, visited Van Gogh's museum and made this slideshow.
With time, I started blogging less and less. Now, thanks to the 31 Day Challenge, I blog almost every day.
I would like to finish with this. It was an assignment we had for Images4Education. The question was "Where are you from?" We were supposed to post a picture and a poem. It might provide an answer to where I am from, but where am I going... No idea.

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Digi e-Learners said...

Congratulations on making it thus far with your blog Natasa. The journey is certainly one that brings about challenges. Chin up - I look forward to reading about your next 31 Day task.

Natasa said...

Hi Jeanette. Thank you. No, I haven't given up or anything. I was on a business trip and away from my computer for four days. Now that I am back, I'll get to work.


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