Wednesday, 14 January 2009


My blog has been hibernating for some time. Time to wake it up.
I work better when I have actual assignments. That's why I am starting the 31 Day Challenge . I have decided to start the Beginner program, because I would really like to complete the five Beginner assignments before I get on with the rest of the challenge.
So, this is my assignment number one: Write a blog post.
The title of my post is Multitasking, because I am also attending three EVO sessions at the moment: , Becoming a Webhead , Images4Education and Conflict Resolution for English Language Learners . I'll be really busy during the next six weeks, but at least it will give me something to blog about. I am planning to post some of my assignments here and to interact with other participants, while working on my 31 Day Challenge assignments.

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Saša said...

Hi, Nataša,
I too am a terribly irregular blogger, write a post or two during the EVO season and then one or two more and it's already another year. ;-) It's so nice that we keep meeting in all these various spaces on the web.

Gabriela Sellart said...

Congratulations for having the courage of taking the 31 day challenge! We'll see a lot of activity here!

Natasa said...

Hi Saša, I am always happy to see your face. And when you leave a comment for me somewhere, it is like getting a present from a dear friend. That's what you are - a dear friend. Thank you for your continuous support.
Hi Gabriela, Good to see you again. Are you taking the challenge too? We seem to be meeting in lots of different spaces. Aren't you in Images4Education as well?


Digi e-Learners said...

Hi there Natasa
It seems you have quite a heavy workload. However, congratulations on becoming a brilliant blogger:) I'm on holiday at the moment so time is on my side to complete the 31 Day Challenge. Thanks for the twitter - I am happy to keep in contact with you and support your learning journey. You can view my blog at

Natasa said...

Hi Jeanette,
One nice thing about online workshops like this one is that you meet great people on the way. Thank you for your support. I have looked at your blog and I really like it. I have also looked at your About Me page, but I need to sleep on the question you asked. It is already 3.30 here and my mind is slowly shutting down.

Hala said...

I wish I have your courage, Natasa!
Now you have a teacher who admires you from Sduan.
Best of luck.

Natasa said...

Hala, I am on the verge of a nervous breakdown. Three EVO sessions and a blogging challenge! Plus exams. This is not courage, it's madness.
You don't remember this, of course, but when I joined the Webheads in February 2008 you were one of the people who wished me welcome. You had just won a scholarship and you were going to Japan. I have admired you ever since. You have accomplished so much in such a short time.
So you have an admirer teacher in Serbia who would like to be your friend.


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