Monday, 19 January 2009

Day 3 - Join a Forum

I am already a member of several forums and groups which deal with teaching English and Web 2.0. You can see the Webheads in Action badge in my sidebar. I am very proud of it. Being a Webhead is like belonging to a large international family. Most of my groups and forums are 'spin-offs' of the WiA forum.
When I started using Twitter more actively, I started meeting warm and caring people outside the Webheads group - and that's what led me to the 31 Day Challenge. And now I know even more people and the conversation goes on and on. Once or twice I came across hostile people on the net (and some forums can be rather hostile - they call it 'discussion'). I never stayed long in such forums. There was nothing I could learn there.
Now I have joined two more: Betterblog and Edubloggerworld . Both are blogging communities, which is what I was looking for. I need to belong to a community which will encourage me to keep blogging.
And, once I finish with this blogging challenge, I think I'll start another one right away. I haven't had so much fun for a long time.

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Digi e-Learners said...
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Digi e-Learners said...

I've been a little careful about posting in forums... I guess I like to read more about participants in the group first and how they write before I submit anything.

You are so right about meeting wonderful people through the 31 Day Challenge. After all, I now have you as an e-buddy and that's fantastic! Oh by the way since our timezones may be different here's an early Happy Birthday to you and... May all your blog dreams come true:)

Natasa said...

Thank you, you are a sweetheart. This is the first Happy Birthday message I have received. And thank you for your blogging wish...


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