Wednesday, 12 January 2011

My Life as a TEFL Blog

My name is Marlene. I am a reporter for The Blog's World, the magazine that looks at life through the eyes of the blog, not the blogger. As you know The Blog's World is taking part in the new Teacher Blogging Challenge and we are conducting a series of exclusive interviews with various educational blogs.Today I am interviewing Natasa's Blog.
M: How are you today?
NB: Lonely.
M: Lonely?
NB: Yes. See, I am lonely most of the time. Natasa blogs so rarely.
M: Why do you think this is the case?
NB: She says she is busy, with the classes and everything. She says blogging is her hobby, she would love to have more time for me, but...
M: But, you don't think that's the truth?
NB: No, see, I know the woman. Her main problem is the lack of ideas. She doesn't know what to write about. Or, rather, she does know, but she doesn't think her readers will find it useful.
M: She is a perfectionist?
NB: Dunno. I'm not a psychologist.
M: What does she blog about?
NB: Mostly TEFL and technology...
M: ... and the meaning of life?
NB: No. That's me. See, I am a poet. And a great storyteller. Every now and then I sneak something in when she is not looking. Something completely useless for other teachers, but fun.

My Story

M: Like this?
NB: Don't tell her.
M: You are almost three years old.
NB: Ah, yes, the rebellious years. Because one human year is like five bloggy years.
M: So that makes you fifteen?
NB: Aha.
M: How does it feel to be fifteen?
NB: I feel that the time has come for me to be who I am.
M: And who are you, really?
NB: Don't know. Still searching for answers.
M: Your birthday is next week.
NB: Yes. I was born the same day as Natasa. Won't tell you how old she will be or she'll shut me down.
M: Are you preparing anything special for that day.
NB: Yes. But it is a secret.
M: Let's keep it that way. Now, why should teachers blog in the first place? What advice would you give to new blogs?
NB: Blogging is good for you. We wrote about it here.
M: What's your favourite post?
NB: Oh, that's easy. Murphy's Law for EFL Teachers. It was my idea.
M: How would you describe your relationship with Natasa for the past three years?
NB: There were ups and downs. And times when she was "too busy to blog". But she loves me. I am very important to her. I know that and that's what really matters.

Wordle: Natasa's Blog

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Michael Graffin said...

Gee Natasa, this is brilliantly written. I'm a fellow participant in the Teacher Challenge, and really enjoyed your humourous post.

I suspect it was really hard to write (mine, in a similar vein, took 3 hours to prepare), but its certainly fun!

Keep up the good work, and perhaps humour your dear blog a bit - by writing more often!

Michael (@mgraffin)
Western Australia

Anonymous said...

Hello Natasa, I loved your humorous, truthful and informative post. You had me smiling all the way through it and then I read your profile which also made me laugh. Great approach to the challenge topic given. Hope you will keep with the challenge. The second one is up now. There will be two each week, over 4 weeks. Look forward to reading your next post.

Natasa said...

Hello, Michael and Anne. It is good to meet you.
Michael, you are right. Writing this took a long time. It is fun, but not easy at all. On the other hand, blogging always takes me ages.
Anne, I will try to keep up with the challenge, but I might be late with some assignments. I am attending three online workshops right now. Taking up a blogging challenge was a bit too much, but I couldn't resist. It is going to be easier in mid-February, when the workshops are over.

Vanessa Jenkins said...

Hi Natasha, I am also participating in the Teacher Challenge. I feel very inadequate after reading your post, which was so cleverly written. My problem is I know what I want to write but often can't find the right words to express what I want to say so I end up giving up or just writing the bare minimum. I look forward to readingmore of your posts


Hi ya Natasa, I read this (and your other posts) and I really wanted to come back to tell you how fab and fun it was! Sometimes I feel like my blog is the one running the show too!


Natasa said...

Vanessa, I had a look at your blog and it looks great. No need to feel the way you do. We all feel inadequate just before we click the "post" button. I do the opposite from you - I let a post sit unpublished for days before I pluck up the courage. And it takes me ages to start a new post because I can't think of anything to say. Just keep blogging.

Natasa said...

Karenne, it is good to see you. Since it is confessions time, I read all your posts, but I rarely comment. Something I would like to change in 2011 - I would like to comment more.
Yes, blogs are scary pets to keep. They have a will of their own.

Oona Scanlan said...

Hi Natasha
I loved hearing about your multiple bloggonality disoder and the humour connected with the various behaviours and character traits.
I thought your poem was amazing. I wonder what the background to it is.
A brilliant post. Thanks

Natasa said...

Oona, thank you and welcome. I am really glad you liked my poem. I wrote it a year ago. I was angry with myself for not having written anything for a long time and that's where inspiration for the poem came from.


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