Monday, 24 January 2011

Week Two in Multiliteracies

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I am still struggling with the concept of multiliteracies. Or rather, I am struggling with putting what I instinctively "know' about multiliteracies into words. What does it take to be multiliterate? And how does a multiliterate person behave online? Words won't come (yet), which is why I have decided to create this mind map.

This is what learning in a MOOC (massive open online course) looks like to me:

1. First you need to find relevant information. You can search tags to find what other people are posting on the topic, or you can use RSS to pull the content you need from blogs. You might be puzzled by my use of the word 'serendipity', but I believe relevant information has a way of finding us. That's how I ended up in my first Becoming a Webhead session. We often cannot predict what we will come across online and we need to keep an open mind. I still do a lot of good old-fashioned surfing and Googling and I still subscribe to newsletters and I still read emails. Twitter is all about serendipity. Just spend one hour following the links shared on Twitter and you'll see what I mean.

2. Another thing you need to do is join the discussions. Any place is good - your blog (don't forget to tag), Twitter, the forums. As long as you are using all the right tags, others should be able to find you.

3. Apart from the reading texts provided in your MOOC, you should look at what others are sharing on Twitter or in their blogs.

4. Networking inside a MOOC never happens in a vacuum. Whatever I post here as my Multiliteracies homework will be read by different members of my PLN. The concept of personal learning network is complex. Is it one network, or are there many networks? If you look at the way I represented my network in the mind map, you will see that it also includes my students, members of my family and friends. These networks overlap and, with time, merge into one.

5. I have left reflecting for the end because reflecting is the most important part of the whole process for me. I am an introspective learner. I read and listen and then I have to go home and make sense of everything on my own. This blog is my home, so this is where I am sitting right now, trying to make sense of things. Another 'home' for me is my Netvibes eportfolio. It helps me organise what I have learnt and created into one place.

One of the objectives for week 2 is to create an eportfolio for this course. We should state our own objectives and goals in it and then add things to it as the course progresses. Once the course is over, we should check whether our goals have been met.

My plan is to write a post every week. Then I will organise all my posts, alongside with my objectives and any questions and problems I might come along into my eportfolio. I have started a new page in my Netvibes eportfolio for this purpose and it is right here. It is work in progress. I feel that it takes much longer than five weeks to grasp the concept of Multiliteracies.

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