Friday, 6 February 2009


These are the notes I used for my talk on student motivation last March. This is work in progress. I would like to do more research in this field. Your comments are welcome.
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John Naruwan said...

Some interesting ideas in there Natasa. Thanks for sharing. So many teaching materials are created with the assumption that students are highly motivated whereas the reality is that teachers are often having to deal with poorly motivated students. I've been teaching for a number of years but I've yet to fully understand the dynamics of motivation.

Natasa said...

Thank you, John. This started as an assignment by my DOS, but then I got interested. My first reaction was panic - this topic was so broad that I didn't have an idea where to start and what to include. Then I started going through teachers' blogs (plenty of food for thought there) and I got the idea to link student motivation to classroom dynamics. We teach them in the classroom and they study in a group. This is where lack of motivation appears and this is where we need help, because we usually blame ourselves. Forgive me, I am just thinking out loud.
I did this presentation with another teacher who spoke about teacher motivation, but I have just shared my half here.


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