Saturday, 28 February 2009

Day 14 - All Things Beautiful

No, I haven't forgotten about the Challenge, but I wanted to do something special for Day 14.
First of all, I don't see other bloggers as competition. I prefer to see the Blogosphere as a club and other bloggers as the people I can learn from and talk to.
Having said that, let me tell you that I haven't used any search terms or Technorati tags to find the bloggers I am going to write about - I used the Webheads Pageflakes start-up page.
I have been present on the Internet for a little over a year. Before that, I was just someone googling in the dark. I owe my Internet presence to the Webheads. Since the EVO sessions have just finished, I have decided to walk with you through the Webheads' personal blogs. I am going to limit myself to ten blogs only (that was the task and, otherwise, this post would be really, really long) , so my apologies to everyone I have left out today.
I will start with Vance's Lifelong Learner Autonomy meets Electronic Village Online , because it explains so well what EVO sessions are.
We are really glad to have Larry Felazzo and Nik Peachey among us.
My favourite post by Larry Felazzo is When A "Good" Class Goes Bad (and Back to Good Again). Although I teach adults, I have found Larry's advice very useful.
Nik Peachey has three blogs and a lot of resources and it was difficult to choose one post to share. Still, for me one post stands out - the tutorial on how to create a personal homepage in Netvibes. Thanks to this tutorial I have my own Netvibes page - a personal website and an
e-portfolio created in several easy steps. And I can always add new things to it.
My Blogging4Educators teacher Carla Arena now blogs here, but I would like you to read her old post on poverty . Mary Hills also wrote about poverty. Can bloggers do something to make this world a better place? I believe they can.
I love the text Nergiz wrote on St Catherine Monastery in Second Life . Thanks to Nergiz, I visited the place and it is amazing.
This is what Illya says about digital immigrants in How many times do we need to recreate ourselves: "So are we a lost generation constantly in search for the perfect tool, which we’ll never find because, even if we do find it, a new one will come along, making the old one obsolete."
I was delighted to find a post about Heidi in Nina's Reading Blog. I read Heidi 16 times as a child. Like Nina, I don't know what I found so fascinating about this book, but I loved it.
I called this post All Things Beautiful. I started with Saša's great video and I would like to finish with Ana Maria's The Message from Water . The video says it all.
Now let me go back to the task. The task was to find ten blogs in my niche and follow them for a week. Did I do as I was told? Well, not exactly.
The blogs are in my niche, that part is true, but I didn't follow them in my reader for a week. Why? Because, with a few honourable exceptions, the Webheads are irregular bloggers. Secondly, I was the one choosing the posts instead of letting a reader do it for me. I went all the way back to 2007 to find Heidi (or did she find me?).
Which brings me to why I believe RSS is not a solution to everything. There are some blogs I have subscribed to via email. There are some blogs I visit regularly (i.e. I go to the website itself). I rarely open my Bloglines reader. You see, I have subscribed to too many blogs and that has made my reader literally useless. That's me. I have always been messy.
When I am looking for a particular topic, I will use Google Blog Search. I rarely use Technorati because it is not reliable. That's all I am going to say about Technorati. After all, this post is called All Things Beautiful.
I would like to add that it has taken me two weeks to write this post. I started with the idea that this should be a tribute to the Webheads. Instead, it looks like one of those "10 things you didn't know about me" challenges. Something like this:
1. I am a Webhead
2. I loved Heidi as a child
3. I believe bloggers can change the world
4. If there was a church like the St. Catherine in my neighbourhood, I would go there to pray
5. I am a digital immigrant
6. I prefer Google to Technorati
7. I am a messy person
8. I am interested in classroom dynamics
9. I am really bad at maths, because there are only nine things in my list.
And now I will dutifully create a Technorati tag here:


Saša said...

:-)) Enjoyed your post, Nataša! And the previous ones too. Thanks for including me. Webheads rule!
BTW My Cybermill is my classblog (was hybernated for awhile), my personal space is in my Cyberkitchen (

Larry Ferlazzo said...


Thanks for including my blog in your post. I'm glad you've found it useful!


Natasa said...


Thank you for visiting my blog.

You can't imagine how much I admire what you do and how grateful I am for all the hard work you have put into your websites. I get your blog updates by email and I usually click on all the links you provide. I have learnt a lot from you.


Natasa said...

Hi Saša,
Glad you enjoyed my post. Thank you for being here for me. You are right - Webheads rule!
I'll correct the URL in my blog. I did wonder why you were the only Webhead who didn't have your own video in your blog:)I wasn't aware of the other blog, or I would have visited you earlier.
I like the name of your class blog (Roštilj - makes my mouth water).

Digi e-Learners said...

Hi Natasa

Thought I might pop in and say hi! Neat to see you plugging away at the challenge. Hope you are well.

I am looking at creating something similar to the challenge for the teachers I work alongside. Would you be interested in being a support blogger?

Natasa said...

Hi Jeanette,
It is always nice to see you. Hope you are well. Your project sounds interesting. Of course I would like to get involved and help as much as I can.
I admire you for finishing the challenge so fast. I am well. The new semester has started and I have a lot of new students to teach. Now I can't afford to blog more than once or twice a week, so I have no idea when I'll finish the challenge.
We'll be in touch. Let me know how your project is developing.

Digi e-Learners said...

Hi again Natasa

Here is the address

I will add you as a guest blogger. Please add an intro for yourself on the discussion page:)

PS: Nice to hear that your year has started off well. If you're students are young adult learners they may be keen to join in as participants in our 27thingsadventure:)

Natasa said...

Wow Jeanette. Your "27 things" project looks great. I'll be glad to take part.

Vance Stevens said...

I tried to post this on Sasa's YouTube site but kept getting errors, decided to post it here. Regarding that video, would you believe I've only just now seen this? Or I saw it 4 years ago but lost those brain cells already. In any event, here is my story of it's rediscovery:

Hvala od srca, Vance

Natasa said...

It is a great video, isn't it? I am glad you have found it. Here's my reply to your forum post:
Nema na čemu.


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