Thursday, 5 February 2009

Somewhere between Days 11 and 12

The Day 11 challenge was to dig into my blog's statistics. I installed Google Analytics last night and I am very proud of myself because it involved working with hypertext and I managed on my own (on my problems with hypertext reed Day 4). 24 hours later I got the first results. 12 visitors! I think it is great. But I don't think 24 hours is enough to analyse my results. So I have decided to "do" Day 11 later, when I have something to analyse. Maybe in a week's time, or even later. It is a great tool and I recommend it to everyone. It does boost your confidence to find out that you have had 12 visitors in a single day. And here I was, thinking that nobody was reading this but myself.

Since I hadn't quite completed the Day 11 challenge, I decided to move on. My Day 12 challenge was to introduce myself to another blogger. I looked at the blogs in our wiki, picked a name at random and was amazed. I discovered Ana's blog. Ana has some great photos in her blog, but I like her texts too, especially the one about her school. So I sent an email to Ana and introduced myself. She did reply, which is great.

I am beginning to understand why this is called Building a Better Blog.

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