Sunday, 1 February 2009

Day 5 - Conduct an "About page Audit"

If I go on like this, it will take me 31 weeks to complete the challenge.

Yes, I was really busy at work and so on (the usual excuses), but the truth is that it took me a week to complete this task. I read about it in the wiki, I looked at Darren's description of the task and I read a lot of people's "About me" pages. Then I thought about it. Who am I? How do I want other people to see me? How do I get the right measure of my professional life and my private life.

Then, there was the question of RSS and email subscriptions. I realised, to my horror, that I didn't have a Subscribe by RSS button. So I had to get one. The first one I installed didn't work, the second one appeared in triplicate. Finally, I got Feed Burner buttons - both for RSS and for email. They seem to work.

Writing the actual post was easy after all this preparation. What was difficult was working out how to put a link to the post somewhere it could be seen. Blogger doesn't allow you to simply create a new page. Luckily, I discovered a Blogger gadget called Text - it allows you to use hypertext and it has all the features of a regular blog - including easy linking. So I created the link to the About me page in the Text gadget and placed the gadget in my sidebar. Not very elegant, but it works. If anyone knows of a better way to do this, please let me know.

I would also like to know whether it was easy to see the "Who am I and what's this blog all about" link in the sidebar. Did you find it? Or did you have to click here.

And, if you have a few extra minutes, please look at the actual post and tell me what you think. Was it enough? Or too much? Is this what my readers would want to read about or should I change it?

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Sue Waters said...

Natasha - you are way ahead of me. At this rate I believe I will take 52 weeks if I'm lucky. But I'm cool with that as this time I want to take longer to reflect.

Also my apologies for not visiting your blog sooner. I thought I had added it to my Google Reader for the challenge but for some reason hadn't. That has now been fixed.

I'm really pleased to visit as you are doing REALLY well. What you have written on your about page is excellent and clearly shows who you are. It is one of the best About pages I've read lately. The only problem you are having with it is your link in the sidebar is linking to a links at the bottom of the page instead of to the top of your about page - if you change it to this it will work.

Natasa said...

Sue, don't worry about not visiting my blog earlier. It's really great to have you here now. I am so glad you liked my About page and my blog in general. I feel much more confident now. However, your link doesn't seem to work. I don't know why.
I thought I was the slowest in the group because I kept looking at Jeanette's blog. When I was on day 4, she was on day 21. Scary. Also, I kept looking at your last year's posts, which gave me the impression that you had already done them this year.
I am not blogging this week. I am away from my computer (on a beautiful mountain). I'll continue with the challenge as soon as I come back.


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