Monday, 2 February 2009

31 Day Challenge - Days 6 and 8

I followed Sue's advice and left Day 7 for the end. Makes sense. When I finish the Challenge (one day, in the distant future), it will make sense to do Day 7 - which is to make my next week's posting schedule. Then it will be the right time to think about what I want to do next with my blog.
Today, my tasks were easy. First I had to email an old reader. I chose Jeanette for three reasons:
- she has been giving me continuous support during the Challenge
- she is doing the challenge herself, so she would know why I was emailing her (I still have the fear of being seen as a spammer)
- she has email enabled in her blog :-)
Earlier this evening I got a visit from a couple of Webheads who left some nice comments in my post about my first podcast, so I followed them back to their blogs. I read Hala's post on procrastination and recognised myself in it. So I left a comment.
Now I will go and declutter my sidebar. I think I really need to hurry up here, I am lagging behind.

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