Monday, 18 June 2012

A Design Safari

Different Points of View

The poster above was created to promote a book called "The Point of View". It uses metaphor to show that we might all be looking at the same thing, but our points of view will differ. This was one of the many pictures I took on Friday while I was on my Design Safari.

I had a great time walking around the centre of Belgrade with my camera. I looked for examples of good design (or at least the design I think is good) and this photo is my own personal favourite:


It is a bookstore sign. I don't know how well you can see it, but there are two people hugging and one of the people is... well, a book. It is a great metaphor once again, of course, though it is also a good example of unity. Colours work well together - the black and white of the book and the indigo blue of the "real person".

Looking at shops and banners in my neighbourhood, I was assaulted over and over by flashy fonts that just screamed at me. Private shop owners seem to believe that the louder your font is, the more customers will notice it. Which is why I like this one:

Bread and Rolls

It says "Bread and Rolls", which in itself is an understatement, since inside you can find pies, sandwiches, cakes... "Bread and Rolls" is a brand name for a chain of bakeries. I love the simple black and white sign, the modest little name and the font used. Above all, I love their bread and rolls. And sandwiches. And cakes.

This is a poster for a theatre play:


The photo is my example for balance. I mean, just look at them.

I have been planning to take a picture of this for some time:

Anti-Trafficking Action

It says "Children are not a Commodity" and there is the Anti Trafficking Action SOS phone in the corner. It conveys a very strong message. If you zoom in, you will see the faces of the children on the right. And these will haunt you.

This is the door of a Swarowski shop:


There seem to be all colours of the rainbow blended in this star and the final result looks great.

The arrows in the following theatre poster replace the eyes and the mouth and they point at opposite directions, so I am using it as my example for good rhythm:

Suspicious Character

This poster advertising an international comic festival uses photos of real people to create the effect of a comic:

International Comics Festival

And I'll finish with the poster for the Belgrade Design Week. Not a very successful photo of mine, but I really like the poster:

The Belgrade Design Week

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Jim Groom said...

Man, Belgrade looks like such a beautiful city, the design is in the organic whole of a cosmopolitan Eastern European city, so gorgeous.

Natasa said...

Thank you, Jim. It is funny, I said so twice in the past two days and I'm not in the habit of saying it. I was walking with my family through the city centre and I suddenly realised how beautiful the main street was. We take for granted what we look at every day. DS106 has taught me how to look and appreciate what's around me all the time.

The weather here is beautiful, so I'll take more pictures of Belgrade. This time I'll take photos of buildings and people.


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