Sunday, 17 June 2012

Word: Lullaby (And How It Was Created)


For this design assignment we needed to pick a word and, using one single typeface, communicate our word. What is happening in the picture above is that the baby is gradually falling asleep and the song fades off into silence at the end. I believe images like this one can serve as a picture dictionary, so they can be very useful in an EFL classroom.

This assignment was easy to do (in PicMonkey) and I created a short tutorial as well. Something happened to the sound at the beginning, but the rest is OK.


Jim Groom said...

This came out gorgeously, and the tutorial is inspiring me to try it, fine, fine work.

Natasa said...

Thank you, Jim. Means a lot. I am having a lot of fun in this course and I think it shows..


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