Saturday, 23 June 2012

DS106 Week 5 - Radio Bumper

cc licensed ( BY ND )  flickr photo shared by Andrew Morrell Photography

Here we are in Week 5 in Camp Magic MacGuffin and now we are working with audio. I was afraid I would find the tasks too difficult by now, but I am still coping. What I learnt in my podcasting EVO course last winter has come in really handy here. I did have a lot of technical issues with the first assignment and I still don't understand why.

This assignment is about creating a bumper for DS106 radio. I recorded my voice in Audacity and exported the file to LAME. This part worked fine. Then I added some music to it. When I tried to export the new file, Audacity reported an error and couldn't export the file. I ended up with Audacity's own .aup file which was completely useless as I was unable to find any other program that would convert .aup to .waw or .mp3. What I did in the end was use Myna to create a new bumper. I still don't know why I have this problem.

Anyway, here is my bumper:

When it comes to the radio, I am a complete amateur. I don't know whether a radio bumper is supposed to sound like that, but I kind of like when people on the radio talk to me in an honest and simple way, as if I were one of them. That's why I didn't use any effects to alter my voice.

I hope I will have better luck with other audio assignments, but this problem with Audacity is still puzzling me.  It seems to happen every time I try to export audio that is a mixture of music and speech (could it be the fact that it is also a mixture of mono and stereo?). The problem is new, but it seems to be here to stay. Any ideas what might be going on?

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