Saturday, 23 June 2012

DS106 Week 5 - The Sound Effect Story

cc licensed ( BY NC SA )  flickr photo shared by John Carleton

In this assignment, we were supposed to tell a story using sound effects only. I decided to create a ghost story. Here it is:

I used FindSounds to look for the effects, then I pasted them together in Audacity.

I like the way this can be used in an EFL classroom. It is great for practicing past tenses, or simply as a creative writing assignment. In pairs or groups, students could first discuss what they think is happening in the story, then write their story. The accent should be not on "getting it right" (i.e. what the teacher wanted to say), but on the students' creativity.

What do you think has happened in my story?


Ben Harwood said...

Nice effects!

Paraskevi Andreopoulou said...

Your soundcloud sounds correspond to the introduction, development and conclusion of the story- each sound represents each one stage of the story enabling each group of (auditory and not only) learners to make predictions, guesses, confirmations of their own story which they'll have to devise based on auditory and visual stimuli with the contribution of free online tools.

Verhy thoughtful post, Natasa!

Natasa said...

Thank you Ben. And thanks for stopping by.

Natasa said...

Paraskevi, thank you for your detailed and thoughtful comment. I am really glad you like my post.


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